General Facts on Brawl Stars and the currency used


Brawl Stars are a brand-new game launched by Supercell, the same people behind Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. The game is based on strategy and shooting, and you can collect characters known as Brawlers throughout the game. Currently, the game is available on the iOS platforms, and it has been growing ever since its release. As it is developed by one of the best game developing companies, it is a game that will engage you through its gameplay, and you will be addicted to it in just one sitting. The game has good graphics and kind of reminds us of the old school strategy games.

Some facts on Brawl Stars:

·         The game will have certain game modes like Bounty, Smash and Grab, Showdown and Heist. Every one of them will have a different agenda, and your team will need to customize themselves according to the gameplay.

·         There are two types of functions to control the game: Tap on the screen function and the joystick function.

·         You will be able to unlock Brawlers throughout the game with the help of elixirs, and the amount of elixir to unlock will increase as you move up the game.

·         The characters are divided into Tiers like S Tier and A-Tier, and the attack position also depends on them. With Brawl boxes, you often get hold of new Brawlers.

Guide to Trophies, Gems, and chips:

·         Gems are the currency that helps in moving forward in the game. As Brawl Stars is a freemium game, Gems would be the thing that you may buy as an in-app purchase. Gems are very helpful as they will let you buy Brawl boxes, Brawler skins, Boosters and other things that will make the gameplay easier.

·         Coins are achieved when you participate in different game modes. Coins are also the added bonus when you play different games. You often get a huge amount of coins by playing the first PvP battle each day or the MVP of the game gives you a coin load. To help yourself you can even buy a coin boost or Coin Double.

·         Trophies are gained when you win games in PvP games. In the leaderboard, the most number of trophies define the rank of the player, and it portrays the best players from around the world.

·          Elixirs are essential in upgrading your Brawlers throughout the game. They also help in upgrading the health and attack of the characters. Elixirs are often found in Brawl boxes.

·         Chips are collected when you get duplicate Brawlers from a Brawler box. A common card gets you 1 chip, a rare card gets 2 chips, an epic card gets 5 chips, and a legendary card gets you 10 chips. By collecting the chips, you can unlock new Brawlers in the future.

The currencies help you in moving ahead in the game. By using Brawl Stars hack 2020 you can easily get an unlimited number of gems which can help you buy more Brawl boxes to help you get better in the game.